Nike Free RN Distance

Nike Free RN Distance

Nike Free RN Distance is here.

When I started blogging about training, I had to get a good pair of shoes. It’s obviously the first thing you have to do once you want to start training. And I fell for a pair of Nike Free 3.0. Which turned out to be a pair of the best shoes I have every owned. Thin but not too thin. Nice feel around the foot. Great bounce. Great shoe.

Since then I’ve tried to buy other Nike Free Runs, but no one has had the same feeling as my first pair. For a while, I thought about buying that particular model on Ebay. Just because of their awesomeness. But then I found the Kinvara-series and never looked back on the Nike Free series. Until now.

Just out of curiosity and coincidence, I tried a pair of Nike Free RN Distance. I passed by a store, and there they were, looking fast and very similar to my 3.0’s. Those once I have to try! And once I tried them I had to buy them.

And I’ve been running a few times in them, so it’s time for the first impression review!

Nike Free RN Distance

The first impression then? It’s like walking on clouds. Small fluffy clouds that are responsive. They are quite wide, which fit my feet perfectly. Even if they feel soft and comfortable, they fell quick and bouncy, and there’s a great feeling in the shoe. Feels much faster and lighter than my Kinvara 7, although the Kinvara 7 is 30 grams lighter.

The sole design is the same as I had with previous Free-shoes, the hexagon-shaped pattern that follows the foot’s shape. I like it!

The lacing is also similar to the one I had before, and the foot is well fixed in the shoe.

So the first impression is – hallelujah what a upgrade for the Free series! I also think it is a great looking shoe. What do you think?

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