Spotify Running

I’m not only a fancy blogger, I do actually have a job. Somewhere around 25 I got a hair cut and a job, or at least an education that led to a job. And my career has led me to Spotify and today we proudly announced a set of new features in our app. And of course my heart beats a little extra for the Running experience. I can in no way take credit for the feature it self but I have been part of testing the app for quite some time and it’s….awesome.

Part of my new found love for running is due to the fact that I’ve had this app in my ears. It works amazingly well. At first it had it’s bugs, but that’s why we’ve tested and tested and tested it. And the team behind the Spotify Running experience has really put a great effort into making this a great running experience and it really, really is. (And yes I might be a bit biased here.)

So how does it work? You choose what kind of tune you want to listen to. There are a bunch of pre-set categories to choose from but you can also let Spotify choose from your favourite tunes and artist. There’s also a bunch of really cool tunes especially made for running and that adjust in a magical way to the current tempo without changing songs (don’t ask me how). After you’ve choosen what to listen to you tuck away your phone. The phone will automatically sense what tempo you are running in and find tunes that matches your tempo. If you adjust your tempo, the app will follow and will do so in smooth and paced transitions. For example, say that you have intervalls on your well-planned running schedule (we all have them, right?) and let’s say those intervals are 3×2,4km with 2 minuts slow-running rest in between – right when you start to run with a higher frequency the app will adjust the tunes to match the higher freq. You get help pushing that extra mile. Really. The music takes you all the way in intervalls (and in ordinary runs as well.) As said. This has had a huge impact on my runs.

I run faster and I run longer.

Just take a look at my Runkeeper or Strava-profile.
I log longer runs and I log faster runs.

And for the first time in my running career I can actually control my pace. I’ve always had a hard time hitting the right pace over time. With music as a guide it’s quite easy to maintain the right pace at all times.

If you don’t like that auto-adjust or looking for keeping a fixed pace over time you can also set the pace for the run. Great for longer run when you have a set goal in terms of tempo.
All-in-all – it’s cool and great. (Yes, maybe still a bit biased.)

So when will you have this feature? Spotify Running will start rolling out to iPhone users globally today!


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