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Ace Hotel Gym

Ace Hotel Gym – What’s it like?

Ok. It’s not the biggest gym in the world, but it is a functional gym. The gym is located at Ace Hotel (doh!) in the basement; there is a small but pretty nice gym that you can use while staying at Ace Hotel. I do recommend you to be there early since it can get quite crowded right before 7.30 am. But hey, if you are jetlagged (as I usually am when working out at the Ace Hotel Gym) you will probably be there around 4 am and then there’re no people there at all. Unless I’m travelling to New York that week, then I’m there. Say hi to me.

Ace Hotel Gym

The Ace Hotel Gym then? Is it good? There are two treadmills so if you plan on running be sure to be there early! Two bikes and two staircase-things (And yes, I never used them.) so it’s not the biggest or most ideal place for cardio but as said – it’s, and you can always go running outside if you want to, and the weather is beautiful.

If your meeting went wrong the other day, you can go down to the Ace Hotel Gym and take it all out on the boxing balls in the gym. Make sure to hit them hard and repeatedly! Not suitable if there’re more than three people in the room I should add.

There’s also a bunch of free weights that you can use to shape your muscles into perfection.
Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see what the gym looks like. Not showing in the images is the ”Pilates” room if you might refer to it as that. It’s a small room where there’s no gym equipment but yoga mats, balance balls, gym balls and such like equipment. All in all a functional (but small) gym!

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